Allyson White is a woman who knows what she wants and has always known there is a place for her in the tech industry. She was in tech before tech was even a conversation piece and a trending industry in Cape Breton. In part three of our Women in Tech feature, we sat down with Allyson to talk about her interests, her accomplishments and her goals in the hustle and bustle industries of technology and entrepreneurship!

14483922_10157474303500576_1469280368_nA 2nd year graduate of UIT Startup Immersion, Allyson currently works for Ubique Networks in Sydney, Nova Scotia and she is building two startup companies. Not one… but two! This woman is busy! She knew she could make her home in Cape Breton because of the opportunities a coding education could provide her, and her tech businesses will allow her to work with clients all over the world.

Hailing from Scotchtown, her heart is in Cape Breton first but she dreams of a wanderlust life on the road, coding and helping others fix their tech-related problems while seeing the beautiful sites the world has to offer. We asked her what she would do if we gave her $10,000 right now – she’d hit the road. She knows that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and a life spent seeing the world is sure to inspire!

When asked about the lack of women in the tech industry, Allyson wanted to take a moment to remind the women in our community that this industry is only limited by your imagination. And if you are not a creative person, you can learn to be: the culture and atmosphere of tech companies alone is worth getting into the industry for. Allyson is a huge advocate for corporate culture and has experienced the decline of culture first hand and started her own companies to help curb some of that negativity in the workplace and be a part of the movement to build better businesses.

A self starter, Allyson taught herself to use Ionic and coded for about 18 hours during a hackathon where she took a 2nd place prize with another student of UIT, Rachael MacKeigan and they split over $700 in prize money. She also placed 2nd at the Sea++ competition in the spring taking home $2000 in prize money and was awarded the Cape Breton Island Futures Fund bringing home $10,000 in seed money to launch her garbage recycling app company.

Here’s some fun facts about Allyson: she describes herself as smart, outdoorsy, fun and squirrely! She loves hiking and camping and could spend every moment of her summer in a pool. Her future goals are to continue to grow her companies, start a travel blog detailing her wanderer tech life and help women break into the tech sector. She champions the UIT program and encourages others to pursue their passions, whatever they may be.

If you meet Allyson on your travels, invite her for a slice of pizza and Pepsi and ask her to tell you about the time she hiked for 10 hours into the woods to camp and sleep near wild horses.

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