In part two of our three-part feature on Women in Tech, we talked to Carol Louie, a 2015 graduate of UIT Startup Immersion. Living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Carol believes in the effort required to get ahead of the pack in the coding world.

After she graduated from UIT, Carol came to work for us as a student success coach and we were so happy for her when she scored a developer position in Vancouver at Culture Code! carol

Before her life in code, she strived to improve the position of women in the world through non-profit work. She recognized the link between improving her own position in life through coding and her pursuits to improve women’s welfare in general. She agrees that “it’s a man’s world and you have to work within [it]…” but she encourages women to “prove you are better.” She advocates for women in the tech sector by calling out others on society’s acceptance of behavior and the treatment of women by asking them “do you think that would have happened if she were a dude?”

We love Carol’s attitude about a career in coding: “it’s hard, but it’s rewarding” she tells us via email. She admits her frustrations with culture cliches in the industry: there are ping pong tables in every tech startup around the world and she points out that “there is nothing innovative about doing what every startup in the world is doing.” She prefers to build a culture of trust and feedback through communication: she enjoys coding around others, rather than by herself. Carol seeks out “rubber ducks” to bounce ideas off of to know how crazy things sound.

The opportunities for her to learn, the constant challenges and the community support is what keeps Carol interested in coding! She lives an inspired life with the musings of Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein and Salina Yoon in her back pocket. Her outgoing nature, keen attitude and people-centered focus is why we love her!

Fun fact: If we gave Carol $10,000 right now she’d buy a hard drive, go on an epic scuba diving vacation and donate the rest to help her community…hundo-p.

If you run into Carol, invite her for a beer and get to know her better. You won’t regret it!

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