When In Doubt, Google Out. 

That seems to be the theme for not only the course but life now a days. If you don’t know something then, hey just Google it. I’ve been saying to Google for years, but I don’t know if it’s my old age that has diminished my Googliness, or I’ve just reached a Google curve. 

I used to suggest to clients and customers all the time to just Google this exact problem and how to search it. Well this last 3 or so weeks, I’ve forgotten my Google formula; I don’t know if it’s just perennially I saw it kinda as  cheating a problem in academics, or I just couldn’t get it. But just Google the exact problem you’re having makes life and studies and coding a lot easier. Asking ‘hey Google, what command in Terminal do I use to create a new directory? MkdLR, oh thanks Google!  

Besides getting my Googliness back on point, we’ve had an intricate week on fire base. Using fire base as a data directory and integrating it into our JS. It’s been another curve, but absolutely fun! I’m currently in the transition of polishing my chat app, and doing the leg work -with a few  fine tunings.  The biggest obstacle for me will be getting the info for the app and having the users be able to use it.  I’ve already have my authentication completed and like I said the rest is just polish and leg work!

We also had another great speaker, Peter Moreira, very knowledgable guy. He knew what he was talking about and a lot has gone hand in hand with what Matt has taught us so far.  

All in all, another great week here at U.I.T. Can’t wait to eat my turkey dinner and get back into class to tackle these chat apps!!

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