The command line has been the most basic way of accomplishing tasks on the computer since ages. For years computers offered nothing but a command line until the day Apple decided to create the Macintosh. It was the first computer to offer a GUI to its users and was revolutionary for the time. The price however, not so much… It was $2500 USD at the time which is about $5700 USD today. But nonetheless it was still unbelievable tech for it’s time.

Today just about everything is done via GUI and the command line is much less relevant for the general consumer. Servers, however, are still almost always command line only – a good example would be CentOS or Debian which are two HUGELY popular Linux distros, used primarily for web server hosting.

While the command line has become less relevant in popular consumer level operating systems it is still present for the user to access. On OSX as the “Terminal” and “Command Prompt” on Windows. The OSX is much more like a linux command line in comparison to Windows. The OSX command line is still very useful for tools such as “Git” and in our case the python HTTP server for testing web apps. While almost every app offers a GUI today there are still some reasons to stick with command line. And the most popular being the GUI does stuff on it’s own and often causes issues. One in my case being a loss of data in a Git repo. But while doing it via command line you can see more info pertaining to those files and have more control over them. In the command line will continue to become less and less relevant but will ALWAYS remain on one level within the tech sector because sometimes the olds ways are the best ways.

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