Over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating you on some UIT Startup Immersion alumni: what are they doing and where are they going?

George Johnston, a graduate of the second cohort of UIT, is quickly coming into his own in the tech industry and was sought out by several organizations to take a developer position even before he graduated from the program! He found that Ubique Networks was the best fit for his long term goals and has found a home there working with HTML, CSS, Angular and14800988_10205869442214920_1333408001_n Node.js.

George has been interested in a career in coding since high school and he was the very first person to approach us about becoming a student… he wanted to start right away but he needed to finish high school first! He knew we would be the perfect fit for him. George is a super smart guy and certainly had his choice of schools to attend but he knew the quickest path to jump starting his career was attending UIT!

The ideals that keep him coming back to coding are “never give up” and “you are never alone” in coding. There’s always an answer to your question and there is always someone to help you find that answer. He recounts for us, a 14 hour stretch of coding that left him feeling pretty fuzzy but he knew that if he kept at it and kept asking the right questions, he would solve the problem!

George is a self-proclaimed ukulele aficionado, is a dedicated tea lover- if you know George, you know he’s all about the tea! And he admits to having a collection of Magic the Gathering cards that are worth more than the rest of his worldly possessions.

He spoke to us about the continued issue surrounding the inequality between the number of men vs. the number of women in the tech industry. George strongly believes that this is an industry for anyone willing to put the work in and be the best they can be. He’s a huge fan of Ladies Learning Code and the work they are trying to do to break down the barriers women face in  trying to learn technology or enter the tech sector. George is also a proponent for teaching our kids to code: he spent the summer working for Codingcamp.ca where he taught a room full of kids aged 7-10 how to build mods and servers in Minecraft.

George enjoys playing video games – who doesn’t love video games! And he continues to teach himself graphic design in his spare time so that he can keep building on his skill set. He can be found working his computer into overdrive at work, hanging out in downtown Sydney sharing his ukulele skills with the public, or sipping a tea with a friend.

If you see George, say hello! He’s a pretty great guy!

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Yay George! George is such a fantastic addition to our local tech scene. He’s engaged, passionate and genuinely wants to see things go well for everyone. He brings appropriate levels of quirky, intelligence and fun to everything he does and our local community has benefited from his presence. Plus: that hair!

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