iTerm2 is an extremely popular free terminal emulator for OSX. It’s the second in the iTerm lineup of software, and is arguably the best alternative to the native Mac terminal out there. iTerm2 is hugely customizable, from appearance to macros. It also has a huge selection of features that nothing else on the market can really compare to.

iTerm2 has solved almost any problem a terminal user comes across. It has a hotkey window, which brings a CLI to the foreground of your computer. Also, it has a search function to check your logs. It has autocomplete, a hotkey that opens a little drop down list of the things you might be typing. Comes with an instant replay function so you can go back in your log to certain point. It also comes with profiles for SSH logins and hotkeys and such. Comes with a 256-color mode which colors certain parts of the log for better readability, thumbnails for images in lists and a lot more cool stuff too. It’s volume of useful features is yet to be matched by any other terminal emulator I’ve found.

Some of the other competition includes, the native terminal or Visor (only adds the hotkey window). The closest I could find is called Terminator, which is free and has a way cooler name, but doesn’t have nearly the same amount of cool features. There are plenty more too, but these are just some of the more popular other than iTerm.

This last one seems more for fun than actual application, but a company called Secret Geometry made a vintage terminal emulator called Cathode. It’s on the app store and doesn’t come with a whole lot of features, but the ones it has are pretty cool. Such as, vintage sound effects (including CRT monitor whir) and animations to make the window have that little flicker that CRT’s had.


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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Love this! So much so that I’m now using it myself, thanks for the suggestion. I was using TotalTerminal but it’s no longer supported. Found this helpful guide for making the switch to anyone else who is in my boat.

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