Oh boy, where to start…. So I made a chat app with JavaScript! Quite satisfying to know that I created something with code that actually has functionality.

Originally I wanted to make a chat that sends obfuscated messages based on a keyword or phrase in a similar manner to the Enigma machine. But after some research I realized that at this point in time a function of that magnitude is much too advanced for me. So instead I opted for messages sent and stored under a keyword or phrase that can only be retrieved by a user who knows said keyword or phrase. Messages are sent completely anonymously stored under the encryption key and aren’t tied to users at all.

The user can change their nickname various times since this chat is all about anonymity and privacy. Realizing that obfuscating messages was too complicated for me quickly taught me that I must do research prior to choosing what I plan to code. Also time management is very important, if you assume that a certain time frame will be enough you’re wrong and always will be. So many little issues will always occur and it’s near impossible to predict how long something will take to complete in a fully functioning manner.

Something else to note is you want to be consistent in naming your variables because it will save you loads of time from double checking what they were over and over again, something I learned the hard way…. None the less creating this chat app was a bunch of fun!

The satisfaction at the end of making it was so rewarding and totally worth the time and effort put into this project. Though at times you’ll fell patience running thin when things don’t work and you may feel like you want to break stuff! Don’t, just take a break and finish it afterwards because the end result is worth it.
enigmaChat_: https://rileyboudreau.github.io/enigma_chat/

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

You definitely covered a lot of really valuable lessons learned here. It was great being able to read through your thought processes regarding the experience and to see that you had such a positive outlook on it all. Great work!

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