StudentCon 2017

Tech education in CB: what works and what doesn’t?

Everyone has a different experience with their education. Even if they’re attended the same program. Peers working side by side at Cape Breton startups have had different experiences from one another with their educations. Members of this years UIT cohort have had different experiences. Experiences from 5 years ago are different from those now. That trend will continue.

We’ve seen a lot of different things and everyone has an opinion.

StudentCon is a new piece of the UIT curriculum. Following an intense 40 hour workshop with Ian McNeil to learn professional communication skills, the 2017 UIT cohort will be participating in an internal conference covering this subject. All members of the 2017 UIT cohort will be speaking in this conference in roles that they’ve trained for. The conference will be open to a small selection of invited UIT alumni, industry members, friends and family.



Time Event
1:15 pm Introduction: Riley Boudreau
1:20 pm Opening Keynote: Andrew MacDonald – Kids will be more productive if they can do things they like
1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Tech Education Experiences

Ben McNeilBobby GreganSpencer Gouthro. Moderated by Freddie Willett

2:00 pm Closing Keynote: Dave Hachey
2:15 pm Post-Event Reception

Conference Participants

Riley Boudreau: Master of Ceremonies

Andrew MacDonald: Opening keynote address

Freddie Willett: Panel Moderator

Ben McNeil: Panelist

Bobby Gregan: Panelist

Spencer Gouthro: Panelist

Dave Hachey: Closing keynote