Use this form to submit your student assessments. These marks will appear on the “Assessments” tab of your profile, visible only to you and to UIT staff. UIT staff will also provide assessments on these metrics. These assessments will be done at various points throughout the year. The metrics on these assessments will change over time.


Student assessments are not your grades. They represent a way for students to self-assess on various skills crucial to succeeding in both this program and in the work force. They also include an aggregate assessment by UIT staff, along with relevant notes, as a comparison. These assessments are based on how well students perform based on expectations of their abilities and knowledge. There are no half points.

  1. Completely Unsatisfactory: One of these represents a significant failure on behalf of both the student and UIT.
  2. Needs Improvement: There’s nothing wrong with needing improvement. These give you goals to work towards.
  3. Meeting Expectations: We expect most students to be at or around this based on how highly we value the skills of our students. This would represent a grade of between 80 and 90.
  4. Exceeding Expectations: These will be infrequent because we have such high expectations, but they are possible.
  5. Exceptional Performance: Unlikely because of the incredibly high expectations we have. A 5 would be awarded if someone performed at a level that was truly exceptional well above and beyond what would be expected of a junior dev or early startup founder.

The average grade is anticipated at being be a score somewhat below 3. This means that our expectations of your work continue to be at a level that will challenge you. This indicates that we have been succesful in selecting appropriate students and devising a challenging curriculum.


How confident do you feel working with HTML and CSS?

How confident do you feel working with javascript, including jQuery and Angular?

How comfortable are you saving data to Firebase, retrieving it and using the Firebase console?

How confident are you with github? (Pushing, pulling, resolving conflicts and reviewing commits to analyze past code)


Do you feel you've contribute 40 hours per week every week of this program?

How well would you rate your in class participation with regards to discussions as well as communication with other students?

How much effort do you put into solving issues before going for help? eg: GoogleFu, other online resources, asking other students.

Do you feel you contribute meaningfully to the knowledge base? (Questions/Answers/Comments)

How well do you think your attendance, as well as project timeline submissions, has been?


How comfortable and competent do you feel when giving a presentation?

How engaged do you feel your audience is during a presentation?

How well executed is the slidedeck component of your pitches and presentations?

How comfortable do you feel giving a presentation?