Learning javascript is much easier than expected. After a week of doing that, I think I have a pretty basic understanding of it, and that must count for something. It’s been another good week, we learned a lot about javascript. I remember always trying to learn this stuff on my own at home, but it couldn’t keep my attention. I guess spending a couple thousand dollars on tuition will do that to anyone. We also went over some OAuth and Firebase stuff, which wasn’t bad either. Last but not least, we also covered what websockets, REST and HTTP do/are, which I had some knowledge of before this course.

Rob made a todo app for the live code, which was really interesting and helpful to watch, because it covered a lot of we learned in almost everything we’ve done so far, like HTML, JS, CSS, OAuth and Firebase. It went pretty quick, but wasn’t hard to follow what was going on. 

On Wednesday there was a meeting about funding options from Concierge, which didn’t really pertain to what my plans are (getting a job, not starting a company), but it was good information to have anyway. I thought the Q&A section lasted a bit longer than it should have.

On an unrelated note, I really like how the resources and schedule are being organized now on the website. It looks good and keeps everything easy to remember and use. I did notice there’s nothing about the company we’re supposed to pick to cover in Matt’s class. Using slack for quick resource sharing is also really helpful during class time.

I think the worst part about writing a blog is going to check your word count after ~5 minutes of writing and seeing only half of the number that should be there and not knowing what else to say.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

The cool thing about the javascript part of the program is that you’re taking steps towards becoming fluent in all programming languages. Unlike spoken languages there’s a lot less variety. Once you understand what can be done in one language you understand what can be done in all similar languages. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to all sorts of stuff going forward.

Great feedback about our resources and processes. I’d already put some of this stuff on our list of things to address before we all sat down and spoke about things on Monday. Keep it coming.

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