This week I started my first few days at UIT. It’s a very unique experience compared to when I was in high school just a few months ago. I chose to apply to UIT because I do not think the standard school systems that most other people go to is as good as UIT. I like that UIT concentrates specifically on entrepreneurship and computer programming rather than having several different classes that I’m not interested in like English and really advanced Math. Also, being given a MacBook Air rather than carrying around numerous text books is a big plus.

I learned about UIT first through UIT’s first high school hackathon, which I attended with my friends. My group was paired with (then UIT student, now UIT Alumni) Carol Louie. We then made a Flappy Bird remake where there was a floating nose trying to fly through cheese in Paris (Yes it had a story). That was my first experience with coding. Afterwards I looked around to see what coding tutorials I do online because my high school didn’t provide and coding classes. I ended up doing the Javascript tutorial on and the HTML & CSS tutorial on I plan on doing as many tutorials on as I can since it is a great resourse.

What I’d like to learn in UIT is either enough experience in programming to land a good paying job or hopefully a start in video game development since I’ve been video gaming ever since I was very little and I’m very interested in learning how they are made and watching developer interviews. I think it would be cool to learn how popular video games are made and what languages are used. Hearing about developers from those games will be interesting if they talk about what they and their team did.

So yea, that is my first blog. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Great entry. Glad to see that UIT has helped influence you out in the community at large, and we’re thrilled to have you here. Also love the shout out to our UIT alumn! If you haven’t seen it we recently featured her in another blog post:

I love that you’ve been eyeing UIT for some time! We’ve been looking forward to having you here – you are lucky that you’ve figured out what excites you early on in life and that you have identified key areas of interest to tailor the program to your personal path. Thanks for sharing your blog! Can’t wait to read more from the mind of Spencer!

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