“So what are you doing after high school?”

That’s a question you’ve answered before, but it probably took a long time to think of the final answer. Luckily for me, throughout my high school years I kept hearing about this new startup called “UIT Startup Immersion”, you’ve probably heard about it. After seeking out as many options as I can to have to widest range to chose from, it didn’t seem like a lot of options and UIT was the only program to jump out and gain my full attention.

Of course, I did pick UIT and fast forward until now and I’m about halfway through the program. And it’s going very well. I am learning programming quicker than I thought I ever would and I’m meeting loads of important and interesting people in the tech industry. And I am actually doing a lot of public speaking, which to be honest I thought I’d never have to do in life. I’m still not a huge fan of getting up in front of a group of people but I suppose I’d have to say I’ve gotten a lot better at it.

“So what am I doing after UIT?”

As the end of the UIT comes closer, I’m asking myself the same question I asked last year but it’s now “What do I do after UIT?” Most graduates at UIT will either move forward with their startup idea, or even join an existing company. However, personally I’d like to stay in school to gain more educational experience. Now I have the same options I’ve had before minus UIT. Since CBU doesn’t have a Computer Science Program, and I also don’t wanna leave Cape Breton this year, I chose the Web Development program at NSCC.

I chose the program because it’s something I actually like doing. I could’ve went forward with the UIT credits and chose a BBA at CBU, however I feel like that didn’t interest me enough. While doing web development at NSCC, my experience from UIT might over qualify me for it however I feel like if I spent more time on coding over a longer period of time I’d definitely get better at it. Another thing is that I’m still not sure what I’m passionate for. I picked coding because I thought I’d be good at it since I’ve been on computers my whole life, but I’m unsure which type of programming I want to specialize in.

In the end, I chose NSCC because it’s close to home, it’s something I like doing, and it’s two years of time I can think about what I’m passionate for.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

This is a discussion we’ve had in person a lot recently and I think this is probably the best you’ve done at expressing your views about things. The whole “What’s next?” line of questioning is one us old farts are always throwing at young people. You’ve definitely got a solid idea of what next steps you’d like to take over the short term and that’s commendable. You’ll enjoy NSCC and you’ll learn some stuff we haven’t covered, but I’ll tell you now I expected to hear that you’re doing fantastically in that program.

After all, you’re doing fantastically in ours and it’s quite challenging.

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