One down, two to go! After three and a half months of work class the first semester at UIT is finished. That’s one third of the time I’m going to spend here and I find it absolutely insane that this much time has already passed! Over the course of the first semester we’ve created apps, explored the creation process of a startup and the principals associated with working in a startup environment.

The first major project was to create a portfolio using CSS, HTML and to integrate bootstrap for responsiveness. While CSS and HTML were familiar for me bootstrap was a whole realm of new. Many of the works I’ve done before then used it but I didn’t question how and just kind of rolled with it. It was very nice to learn how it works so I’m able to implement it myself in the future.

After learning CSS and HTML we dove into the vast world of Javascript and JQuery! This is where things really started getting fun! I was able to create things, that actually do things! I learned much from this. One: when things work out its super satisfying. Two: When things don’t work out its massively infuriating to the extent you want to punch a hole in your monitor, run your computers remains over with a truck then proceed to throw them in a blender while chanting around said blender. BUT, when you get past that point and actually solve the issue you’re dealing with. It becomes even more rewarding than it would’ve been had you not encountered any problems.

I’ve learned a great deal about coding in my time at UIT to date. One of the biggest lessons I’ve taken away thus far is that it’s just like anything else. Practice makes perfect. It won’t magically come to you without it. The first app I created was my chat app, a fairly simple idea but also effective. But the app that means more to me is my service app. The idea was a song request management app for DJ’s and eventually automated song queues for bars and clubs. The end result of the project was below my own standards. I was unfortunately busy at the time we were working on the app and I let myself go and the app ended up being minimum. But I’ve since began looking at the code again and plan to work on it and build it into something that could become great. In the new year I’ll be doing some DJ work. So I feel this will be an excellent opportunity to test this app in the real world! I’m think of even maybe building it in Ionic for mobile and have a spate desktop app since the uses of each platform will never interfere because of the way the use is intended.

The takeaway overall this semester for me is simple though. I have to put more effort into my work at every given opportunity because I only get out of UIT what I put into it.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

We all really like the idea for your DJ song request app and can’t wait to see what comes out of it. I suspect you’ll find yourself really adding content to it as you start to pick up new DJ gigs. I went to school, and worked with, a local DJ who’s pretty well connected and also in to tech. When you’re at a point where you want to get it out to other people I’d be glad to connect you.

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