First UIT Project.

Me, working on my MacBook Air.

The first project we did at UIT was our portfolios, which is basically our online resume. When I walked into UIT for the first time as a recent high school graduate, I had next to nothing notable on my resume. But I knew that after a year at UIT I would gain a lot of experience by completing all class assignments and projects.

My first portfolio, to be honest, wasn’t too great. It was my first time ever making something myself using HTML / CSS code. Since it was our very first project we got to use bootstrap portfolio templates to get us started. Thinking back on my first portfolio now, it does not look good. After presenting it, I knew it was far from finished. The design of it was bland and it barely had anything note worthy as portfolio projects. Then I planned on re-working it at some point before the end of the year.

Making Apps for Gamers!

Throughout the semester I created a chat application for gamers who want to discuss gaming news, and I also created a service application that allows gamers to meet other gamers and create teams. These teams can be used to organize meet ups, events, and tournaments. I created these apps to be very similar for two reasons: 1) I’m a gamer, so creating an app that my friends and I can use daily is what I’d want to do. And 2) Since both apps aren’t too complicated, I feel I can combine them both to make an app where gamers can meet and talk to other gamers, form teams, and view any news about events or game updates.

A Second Chance!

After finishing both the chat and service apps, near the end of the first semester we were given some time to revisit our portfolios and add our newly gained skills. I was really glad to give it another shot. This time I picked a good looking theme and actually had some experience in creating things with code! And since I was very familiar with HTML at that point I was able to easily read the 700+ lines of code a lot better than I could before. I quickly got the hang of editing the new bootstrap theme I picked and I think it looks really good now. I really love the design for my new portfolio, I will definitely keep it up to date as much as I can and share it with people to view, starting with YOU! Click here to check it out.


Another thing we do at UIT are regular blogs. I honestly didn’t think I’d write blogs before this year but now I’m writing one nearly every week and I’m actually really enjoying writing them. These blogs allow me to share my opinion with the world, and who doesn’t love that?! My favourite blog post I wrote was about my first job. I like this one because, well… it’s about me being extremely lucky on getting a dream job for a nerdy teenager. Most of my blog posts can be seen on the UIT website here. I look forward to writing more blog posts when I move on from UIT so you can enjoy reading about my life!

The first day of 2016-2017 UIT!

The Future!

When I was a kid, adults would say “Time flies when you get older”, and I’d think “Wow, I wish time would fly now because then the video game I’m waiting to come out will be available!”. Well, 6 months out of high school and it seemed to go by quite quick. Even though it did consist of long and stressful workdays of finding that one mistake I missed in my code. I will really enjoy the Christmas break, but that won’t stop me from learning. There’s still so many things I want to do. For example, setting up very my own website, which will contain either my portfolio, my blogs, or even a video game review / tips and tricks website. I definitely need to brush up on my Javascript so I’ll be doing the Javascript 30 challenge. I’d also like to find out what I’m doing with my life after UIT. A selling point for UIT is that most of the students would land jobs in the coding / startup industry after graduating but for me, I feel like I need to stay in school for a few more years to learn as much as I can. So right now, I’m aiming to figure out all these things by the end of semester 3 of UIT.

1 thought on “Semester 1 of UIT Complete!”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

This semester has been really great for you. You started off strong and you’ve made a pile of progress. You seem to be genuinely interested and enjoying everything about this program and it’s been great having you here.

You’ve taken really well to the less technical aspects of the program. Pitching, the blog posts, presentations. You worked hard at improving all of those skills because you recognized early on that they were the things you were least comfortable with. That’s a commendable mindset.

Great job this semester. Also: awesome pic! But don’t start a mac repair business.

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