I’m not entirely sure on how to write a blog, so bare with me.

The first week at UIT was very interesting. I’m finally learning about the subjects that interest me and pertain to my hobbies instead of the same basic high school classes covered year after year. We did some basic HTML & CSS, along with some basic business points to get started. I’m really excited to continue learning, meeting new people and finding new opportunities to better myself. But what I think I like the most so far, is not waking up at 7 everyday of the week.

Coming from the all french school where we were punished when we spoke english, it’s strange not having to constantly switch between thinking in french to english or just translating things in my head. It’s good in the way that I can speak whatever I want and I have the other freedoms that come from being a uni student (phone use and whatnot). I’ll have to start making efforts to communicate or do some things in french just to make sure I don’t lose the language.

I’m glad to not be in high school anymore, and I’m also excited to start learning new things!

2 thoughts on “Première semaine à UIT”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

J’suis vraiment content que t’a aimez ta première semaine. Si tu veux, j’peux te parler en français de temps en temps. But just as a heads up I know absolutely NONE of the technical lingo for programming in french. If you ever learn any, let me know.

Since you’ve spent so much of your life learning french, it is great to see that you recognize the importance of keeping up on it. I have a french name but am not french, but I wish I could help you keep it up! It’s great that you are open to all that UIT can offer you and you are keen on improving your self as a whole person. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you and following your journey here at UIT!

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