The Semester

I’ve had lots of semesters of school in my life, but this has been the best. I’m very happy with what we learned and with all the extra things we did. We went to laser tag, local events, and engaged in ways I hadn’t in the past. All things considered it cements the idea that UIT is more than just school.


The Projects

I’ve always hated doing tests: not because I did poorly on them. It’s because I always felt they didn’t really prove anything. As such I’m pretty happy that all of our evaluation at UIT was through big projects. Those actually tested our skills rather than tests. Each one of the project was a great experience. From the simplest of the portfolio to trying to learn angular for our SaaS Apps it was both a good learning experience as well as a good time. I’m going to give some details into each of the project including how they evolved and improved even after the projects were done.


Portfolio Website

The portfolio website started as a really simple project to get us all into some Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. I had a pretty good time with it because up to that point I had only ever done JAVA and C. The default template allowed the website to have some cool features even through I wasn’t able to code the JS for them at the time.

Now the Portfolio actually houses my work and I’ve since improved it by changing images and adding little bits of JS. I love having it because even people who don’t get the details on code can see it and think its cool.


Chat App – Text and Paper Chat

I loved working on Text and Paper. I set out to solve a problem I felt that I had and created something I’m decently proud in. The idea was to make a platform for helping play pen and paper games online. The platform that exist I like but other people have trouble working with. However, the core feature evolved in a way that wasn’t what I originally imagined and as such I have never been truly happy with the final product.

I fully intend to go back and completely remake this at some point, but that’s far in the future. I did revise the stylistic elements, since I figured out some nicer design tricks and wanted to go back and apply them to the chat app.


Service App – The Merchants Guild

The service app started with me unsure of a concept and jokingly suggesting an idea. However that idea evolved into “The Merchants Guild”. I’m a big fan of how it turned out. It’s a market place that really could be used to sell anything, but with a focus on LARP and Medieval goods. One of the important features is that it allows you to post requests as well as products. Meaning if you wanted to commission something custom you could post and someone able to make it could contact you. It also ended up looking pretty good too (I think at least). I used some design ideas and CSS that I hadn’t used it the past and it ended up something out quite well.

Since it finished as a product I have been working away at fixing problem. I made a Trello board for development and have been working away. I have faith that it could be an actual thing if I add a few more features.


This picture sums up how I feel pretty well. This first semester was a real treat and I can’t wait to get more done. For now I plan to relax over the holidays. Although I also have lots of code to write. I’m sure I’ll find a decent balance.

1 thought on “Portfolio v2.0 – My First Semester at UIT”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

I’m genuinely glad to see you’re enjoying your time here and doing so well. I’ve always felt that convincing you to come to UIT was the right call, but it’s been great seeing validation as time has progressed. I can’t speak to where you were technically when you were at Dal but the progress you’ve made in the past few months has been stellar and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I’m absolutely certain you’re better off having come to UIT, and reading this post is tremendously reassuring.

Plus, I’ll likely use The Merchants Guild to buy something down the road, so that’s convenient.

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