It seems like since the moment PowerPoint hit the scene, people have been working hard to find alternatives to using it. The idea of showing slides with tons of text to people seems so blah in today’s technologically advanced world!

Trends have come and gone in the presentation world and a particularly popular trend is to use keywords or source words to draw attention to a topic, but the speaker remains the main focus of the presentation. You’ve seen this popular trend in almost every single TED Talk. It’s effective, for sure. But we are an increasingly distracted population and sometimes it seems like we need more sparkle in our lives, especially in our presentations.

Enter the sparkle! Here are three popular alternatives to using PowerPoint:

MySimpleShow is a super fun – and FREE –  and easy to use online tool that helps presenters create engaging video – with voiceover! – to capture the attention of their audiences. It has video tutorials that show you exactly how to use their software and everything can be saved and retrieved from the website, or downloaded to your computer. There are lots of paid features, but if you are in a pinch and just can’t handle the thought of combing through PowerPoint themes anymore, give this a try!


Use MySimpleShow when you want to introduce a solution to a problem in a simple way that illustrates a solution.

Prezi has been in the game for a little longer but they offer a great alternative to the idea that every story is linear…life is not boring: your presentation shouldn’t be boring either. Prezi appeals to the movers and shakers in us because of its dynamic nature. Prezi reads more like an adventure, rather than a road trip with a starting and ending point. It’s an affordable option for software that is always changing and highly recognized in the industry. Plans start at $13 a month for students and individuals.


Use Prezi when you have multiple players to consider in a pitch: great for companies that have a two-sided market and need to quickly and easily show the connections between them.

For the Mac lovers in the group, you can download the Keynote presentation product for about $30 bucks. If MySimpleShow is your video alternative, and Prezi your non-linear alternative, then Keynote is probably the closest thing to PowerPoint without actually being PowerPoint. As with many other Mac apps, the features are superior to the Microsoft product and offers real time editing for collaborative presentations.


Use Keynote if you’re on Team Apple, want to pay a one-time fee for a professional product, and want to be able to collaborate with your remote team members.

The importance of having a perfectly timed, executed and relevant pitch or presentation cannot be stressed enough. That’s the focus on the upcoming Demo Camp in Halifax next week – getting real feedback about real presentations, without the presentations. More and more the speaker is the focus, so learning to lean less on your presentation software is not a bad idea. But keeping these bad boys tucked in your back pocket can help you round out your presentation in a way that won’t leave your audience saying, “oh no, not another PowerPoint!!”


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Thanks for these resources Heather!

One of the references we were given earlier in the course used . I’m looking forward to using this in a presentation first opportunity.

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