jeff amerine & permjot valia

Jeff Amerine & Permjot Valia

Last week was Global Entrepreneurship Week and as apart of the UIT 2016 cohort I had the opportunity to attend various discussions and panels featuring successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Amerine, who is the founder of Startup Junkie.

On Monday the UIT students went to Flavor 19 to have a group meal while listening to Jeff Amerine and Permjot Valia (Founder of Mentor Camp) talk about mentorship and how very helpful it can be. I enjoyed this as Jeff and Permjot were very open to being a helpful mentor to the UIT students. They stressed how crucial it is to learn from someone who is more experienced than you and how even the mentor can benefit from helping others. On Wednesday, Jeff Amerine and Darren Gallop (Founder of Marcato) talked about company culture and how it plays a key role in a startups success. Darren discussed the company culture and environment at his company, Marcato. Even Permjot came in and gave great examples of how to prepare for certain startup situations and how to change your way of thinking to improve productivity.


Darren Gallop of Marcato

On Thursday Jeff Amerine hosted a panel with Darren Gallop, Joella Foulds (Co-Founder of Celtic Colours), and Chad Munro (Founder of Halifax Biomedical). Each entrepreneur talked about their experiences in startups and how the started their own company.

It’s important to stress that mentors play a huge role for the UIT students. Any student learning to program can ask any specific question to the many UIT alumni and mentors while anyone looking to create their own startup can receive advice from people who have many years of experience in the startup business world. Every mentor is reachable through the Slack messaging app to help the student in whatever they have trouble during almost any hour of the day. Global Entrepreneurship Week highlighted that entrepreneurial mentors can give you a big head start in having a successful startup.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Great writeup of all the events last week. I really enjoyed attending them all as well. There was a pile of meaningful information and discussions. What did you think about the company culture discussion? Is that something you’d considered beforehand when thinking about your possible future employment opportunities?

I loved the company culture discussion as I know where ever I am, whether it’s a job or school, I think it is one of the most important things for me. I definitely considered the culture of UIT before applying. If I create a startup myself I’d definitely focus on the culture and make it the best I can.

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