My name’s Bobby Gregan. A proud Nova Scotian who just moved up to the Cape a month ago, and entered his first week at UIT. I didn’t know really what to except my first week, (being out of school,school, for 8 years).

I spoke with Mike and Rob on the phone and had some idea of what to except before heading up. While being very formal, polite and informative, phone calls and websites never really give you a full comprehension of what you’re getting into.

The first day I showed up, I noticed the the grates and fencing on the windows, and thought oh geesh, here we go. But all such thoughts were quickly dissipated when I meet with Rob and Heather. They were very welcoming and assuring about the class about upon arrival. They answered all questions with enthusiasm and great energy and even gave me a tour.

With a huge amount of enthusiasm and positive out look i began my first week at UIT. I got to meet out instructors, Matt, Eric, FINALLY put a face to Mike, and see Rob and Heather again. It seems to be a great start to an excellent week, got pizza, and some free swag. The instructors show a lot of support, and especially with myself being out of school so long. That’s one of the most important things for me, that along with free pizza, pizza is life.

The criteria is a little daunting, but something I’m passionate about. Small business, technology and being creative with your own ideas. I have a couple ideas for a start up business , and just being here a couple days has really made me more motivated with more ideas, and ways to make them a reality. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings, and just like my love of pizza. I’m hungry for all the knowledge, these fine folks can provide!!

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Dude. Pizza IS life. I’m so glad you appreciate that. And thanks for the honesty regarding our windows. We love our space here, but we’re aware of the fact that it’s an older building and still a work in progress. Glad that we helped overcome that impression.

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