This week we started thinking about ideas for a chat application project using HTML, CSS, & Javascript. Since I play video games, a lot, I decided to theme my chat app for gamers. Similar to Slack with channels, my app would have different chat rooms as video games as their subjects. This will allow a specific group of people to discuss what they find in the game, plan private matches in that game, and share any screenshots or clips from their game.

So far, we only just started coding the app. If felt difficult at first because I was about to make a chat app with only basic knowledge of HTML & CSS. I knew most of the tags and what they do but putting them together to actually build something was confusing. Until I asked for help from the mentors there, Eric and Rob, after that I finally got it started, added a sidebar and a bit of the main content. Right now I have no idea how I’ll do the actual chat features but there’s no doubt we’ll go over them in class soon.

I hope to add useful features in the app such as: adding gifs and pictures in the chat box, having an exact time and date for each message when sent, and using Twitter and Facebook profile pictures as user icons. It will also have various useful links to other websites such as the game’s official website, wikipedia page, and youtube channel. The first few games I will add as channels will be: Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Rocket League. I could add a current events page that has a schedule of tournaments for games like Call of Duty and also a page showing dates for future update releases as games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft have an update just about every month.

I think an app like this could also solve a big problem in the gaming community, which is gaming news. Most gaming news sites and youtube channels are either very opinionated or exaggerated headlines to gain views and clicks for ad revenue. An idea for my app would be a section for news headlines that are confirmed true with sources and also promote discussion within the app.

So hopefully you either now understand how my chat app might work or you feel inclined to try it out. My next blog probably will be about how far I’ve gotten while making it.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

I’m really digging how you’re trying to solve a problem you’ve experienced with this app and it’s been really cool watching you build it. I’m sure with the amount of time and effort you’ve put into it it’ll be a really well implemented product.

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