Terminal  vs gooey

I spent the last few days watching videos, reading personal opinions on it. While there is nothing like using the good old G.U.I. Terminal makes sense to use and is an essential tool to be utilized by anyone who plans on using their computer day in and day out. It makes every a cheat sheet compared to taking the long way around using GUI. For example naming 100 files on GUI, could be quite a tedious affair. Not so with line/terminal, you could have done in minutes.  

Also command line only needs a person to use their key board. Line/terminal requires mouse and keyboard to navigate its way through an OS or file system. Opposed to line/terminal which only needs to execute a few lines. So when it comes to speed Line/terminal clearly is the better or the two. 

In terms of user friendly and ease, I would say GUI does take the cake. Line and terminal does require the user to memorize and use different commands in order to fully utilize the interface. opposed to GUI which has icons  shown for users to immediately use once they turn the OS on. The learning curve is much steeper for Line /terminal then GUI.  

Also multitasking, can have bridges apart in how they are used. In my opinion GUI will alway be fundamentally easier. It can be viewed and and manipulated by one click, through multiple pages, programs and folders at a time. While Terminal /line forces the user to /ls /cd /touch through everything. 

At the end of the day I strongly believe that any one wishing to make a computer part of his or her trade. Should excel  in both Gui, terminal and line. On all OS. This is coming from a Window users, who has recently opted into linux. May Bill Gates forgive me.

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