I noticed today that I didn’t write this chat app blog about 2 weeks ago when it was due, but I’m still going to write it anyways. Sorry if it’s too late!

I created Mathboard, a lightweight multi-user whiteboard/chat app focused on collaborating on equations. It is primarily marketed towards students and their teachers/tutors. It’s written in javascript using PubNub for the whiteboard and the chat portion. My website was not overly responsive, and I couldn’t get display names to work at the time of the demo so it was just random keys as usernames.

chat app

chat app

Even though I didn’t complete every deliverable completely, I still think I learned a lot of new stuff involving design and coding. I feel like with what I learned about syntax and just general knowledge could cut the time it took me to make this website, about 2 ½ weeks, to probably just a weekend or less. To me, this project has been an excellent learning experience in all aspects.

My initial presentation went very well, even though I didn’t spend as much time as I should have practicing it. Personally, I much prefer design over coding and I have way more experience doing it. I actually liked presenting it to the class, which surprised me because I never really liked doing presentations in high school. We also had a lot to learn about pitching over the course of making the chat app which really helped when I had to go up.

Everyone else also did a really good job with their chat apps, and when we presented to Gavin he seemed impressed with them as well. In future projects, I’ve learned to start working on them much sooner, and I could have also probably had my display names working if I had asked for help so now I definitely will take advantage of that in the future.

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