Week three of UIT has passed. I continue to love this program and the way we’re taught! This week we dove into the world of JavaScript and things are beginning to get very fun. I was familiar with CSS and HTML for quite some time. I wouldn’t say an expert by any means, but now that I can start playing with the language that brings the others to life making a website that does stuff feels pretty cool. I’m excited to see what’s to come and where I will be in a few more weeks!

This week I’ve learned more about JavaScript than I’ve been able to wrap my head around ever before. Playing with Firebase was fun seeing how to make JavaScript and the database interact with one another. I’m much more used to using stuff like Navicat and PhpMyAdmin on a MySQL database, so Firebase was completely new to me. Learning the functionality of things though is really fun! I really look forward to the backend stuff since my interest have always been much more so on that end.

All that being said I think I plan to get more into the business side of things, but none the less I really enjoy learning all the code because one: it’s fun! And two: it’s hard to manage this kind of business without knowing the limits of your employees and understanding what they have to work with to get the job done.

All in all, another good week!

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