ITEC1507 Internet Fundamentals

Instructor: Rob Myers

Email: [email protected]

Schedule: First Semester

Main Project: Service App

Class Schedule available online at

Readings and Resources

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Course Description

Students enrolled in ITEC1507 will learn the fundamentals of internet protocol and setup. Learning about internet infrastructure is important to programming students to ensure they understand the standards and expectations of publishing to the internet. Principles, services and concepts are reviewed in this course. Practice topics include DNS, SSH, Internet Infrastructure, HTML5, CSS3, and RESTful architecture. Further practice of HTML, CSS, developer tools, and Cloud hosting is also performed.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should have a thorough understanding of internet infrastructure and deliver a service app under the principles learned. Drawing on skills obtained and learned in introduction to programming and network management courses, students will continue to develop those skills, in addition to working with the AngularJS framework and implementing two-way binding. Students should be prepared to pitch their service app ideas and provide feedback to one another on their ideas.

Evaluation Summary

A passing grade in this course is 50%.

Assignment % of Course Grade
HTML5, Firebase, Cloud Hosting, SSH, HTTP, DNS, CSS3, HTML, AngularJS 30% – demonstrated knowledge of required outcomes
Attendance and Participation 20%
Projects* 50%

*Projects delivered under the ITEC1507 are determined at course launch according to industry standard and expected outcomes of developer job postings. These requirements change from year to year. The 30% grade for this portion of the course is divided among the total number of projects throughout the course.

Course Expectations

Students are expected to deliver projects on time and as per any instructions given. Students should contact the instructor if they will be unable to deliver a project on time. Make-up assignments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Students are required to attend class Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. Students should ensure their availability during these times to maximize their learning experience and to ensure exposure to instructors and mentors. A percentage of your overall grade will include an attendance grade. You should let your instructor know if you are not going to be in class as soon as possible.


Students should use their time in class to maximize their learning; mentors and guest speakers will be frequently visiting the class and being engaged in those experiences is important to your learning.


Students who anticipate needing special accommodations should inform their instructor at the outset of the course. UIT will make every effort to ensure student success regarding the accommodations requested.

Technology Use in Class

Be mindful of others working in your group. You are welcome to use mobile phones or listen to music while you are working, but please do not disrupt others who are working. Please take phone calls outside of the classroom.

Academic Dishonesty

Please refer to the CBU Plagiarism policy at

Inclement Weather Policy

Students should refer to SLACK for school closure announcements. Classes will be made up as necessary and scheduled as per the instructor.

Policy to Use Recordings

UIT uses recording devices to capture presentations and pitches from time to time. Student recordings are held on a private internet channel for grading purposes. These recordings will not be made public without the permission of the student. All students are expected to participate in video recordings to enable the grading process to move forward.