When I was at DAL I did a course called “Operating Systems” or something along those lines. Everyone called it ‘the C course’ because we learned C in it. The professor disagreed with that title since the course did a lot more.

One of those things was that we used a lot of Bash. We first learned about UNIX as part of the course material and how it developed into other operating systems. We mostly used Bash because as we were learning C we needed to use the terminal to compile and run our code. As such I learned quite a bit about using the terminal. The course itself was useful for learning the terminal we had weekly challenges where we had to force the terminal to do weird things. For example searching huge dal directories for words that started with the letter a, had three numbers in them, and ended with a y. Taking a course is definitely a good way to learn how to be good with the terminal but I wouldn’t really recommend that as a solution for a random person wanting to learn how to be a power user. You wouldn’t really go out and take a university course just to be better with the terminal.

However, the text book for the course:


for me was a really good resource. It is pretty big and heavy, but its filled with sections on different commands, cheatsheets, and  cheat sheets based on level of user skill so if you aren’t all ready a superadmin or something it omits the commands that you wouldn’t need so its easier to find what you want on the sheet.

I like reading to learn so maybe a stuffy textbook helped me more then it would other people also I probably wouldn’t have started using it if it wasn’t for the course I was taking. But there are lots of books the i’m sure would help people who like to read about things.

Also the ‘man’ command is probably the most useful thing in history (which just gives you the manual page to whatever command you use).

Overall, I really like using the terminal and now that I know how to use it I’m always disappointed that my normal computer doesn’t have a good terminal. But, it gives me a reason to like Mac.


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