I didn’t do very much school work this week. I did the homework and have been mucking around with some .JS as well as looking into my chat app. So i’ll touch on that. I have two ideas, both relating to RPGs for the chat app that I talked about with Rob and Eric.

The first is basically a text chat that includes a grid and dice rolling that can be used for Dungeons and Dragons (or anything really, I plan to keep it generic.) This idea comes from the fact that the only other program that really works for this is “Roll20” which is a good site, but it crashes quite a bit and also has a bit of feature bloat (One of the reasons it doesn’t run amazingly). Something simple that I can use either in conjunction with a separate VoI Program or just with the text would suit my purposes much better.

The other idea is that each chat room would be a location in a town and that you had a character. It would be a pretty standard Chat program but I would add a the combat that my text based RPG had so that It had a fun minigame built in.


The bigger portion of my week went to a LARP project I started which pretty well consumed my evenings. I was building a shield for my friend Dan. I’ve been trying to make different types of shields so I can figure out the best way to build each one for later down the line. Not too long ago I made a tiny kite shield, so this time I was trying a round shield. Since this is what I spent most of my time on, I figure its worth blogging about (from here on in, its basically a little tutorial).

First thing I carved out the shield pattern from EVA foam (Two layers of 0.5in EVA 300) and laminated the layers of EVA foam with contact cement. After sanding all the edges and sealing the foam with a heat gun I added a little lip (Also EVA) and then filled with cracks with latex caulking.


Then I carved out the logo that was going to go on the shield. (A rams head) So I repeated the same steps, carving foam, sanding heating gluing and then filling in the cracks.


Next I needed to work on the straps. The last shield I made used elastic bands (like the ones in pants) which were sort of comfortable and easy to attach, but once the shield saw combat they were useless. If the shield got hit at all it just spun around without actually defending you. So I used polyester webbing and D-rings to make the new straps, they were sewed into fabric and the whole unit was glued to the shield.


Next was detailing. I carved a wooden texture into the foam on the front and gave it a base coat of black paint. Once that was done I painted the logo and rim with silver and gold.


Then I painted the wooden texture with black, and then dry-brushed on brown


Lastly I gave it some green (as it was requested)


The logo also got some shading and touching up as it got green paint on it.


Overall it was a good project. Its not actually totally done, I need to give it some Latex coating but my jug hasn’t arrived yet. (Without the latex it will get damaged easily, and I put way to much work into it to let that happen).


So now you know vaguely how to build a LARP coreless round shield. My personal non-portfolio website I’m working on is going to have all my LARP projects on it, so I can look forward to posting this here later!

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Given that I’m in the same LARP as you and will likely face someone wielding this shield in the near future I have mixed feelings about its creation, but there’s no denying the amount of effort you put into things you’re passionate about. I’ve also seen in with you continuing to work on last weeks portfolio project even after we’ve started on the chat app. That dedication will serve you extremely will as you progress into your career as a programmer.

I also hope to see you write tutorials like this one for how to accomplish specific tasks. You’ve got a solid ability to explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

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