Global Entrepreneurship week was very interesting. I might have not really known it was happening on account of usually living under a rock (unless I’m going out or going to school). All I knew was that events were happening, but I was unaware they were a connected thing.

Firstly I’m impressed that such a thing even happens. I am constantly impressed with how much goes on in Sydney and with the Tech community that I was totally unaware of until I joined UIT. Even things outside of entrepreneurship week that happen on a regular basis and go under most peoples radars.

Aside from the week over all, the individual activities were all amazing (the ones that I went to at least).

Mentorship Talk at Flavor

First we had the mentorship talk out at Flavor 19. That one was probably my favorite, and not just because of the food. At UIT we talk about mentors all the time, and its always very exciting to meet them. But they always seem a little distant.  Not as in they are spaced out while talking but just that none of us have made very personal connections. We know we can always message them and we get to meet them to learn about things they specialize in, but its just because they know the people teaching us or other UIT mentors.  Because of this I liked the first session for two reasons:

  • we got to see them talk some more, and in a somewhat more casual setting (after the talks)
  • we learned about the mentors of mentors

That second point is important to me. Because learning about mentors having mentors, and how to meet your own mentors (and how they met their mentors) broke a wall I was finding myself at. I just feel generally more connected to the mentors we met and have met already, even if I never got to know them myself. (That’s a bit weird or sappy or something, but I think I made my point). It probably helped that with this group of mentors we saw them quite a bit in a one week.

Culture talk at Navigate 

The next event we had was the morning thing at Navigate. The culture talks have stuck with me quite well. I was thinking about company culture in relation to lots of different things over the week. The culture of a D&D group, the culture of a LARP group, or even the people running a LARP. I was thinking about culture at big and small businesses and, of course, at UIT. I very much plan to keep it in mind because I can see in many situations where things go poorly because a group, or company ignore the culture and the whole thing falls apart.

Business in Cape Breton

The last event I went to was the big talk on Thursday of Entrepreneurship week, that one blew my mind. It was a fantastic talk overall, but I could not believe everything about Halifax Biomedical. I mean, wow! But it brings up a sad point. That is clearly a fantastic and really neat business and I just could not believe that it existed here in Nova Scotia. But its something I have never heard of outside of that talk. I consider myself a decently informed individual so I always find it disappointing when I discover something cool is happening near me and I haven’t heard about it.


Closing thoughts

I consider it a major falling that so much cool stuff falls out of the public radar, however it is a major win that UIT makes us so connected.

Overall, Global Entrepreneurship week was a solid 8/10



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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

You’re not the first person to comment on how hard it can be to find out about stuff happening in Sydney. I used to say the same. The key is to figure out where to go to find out about things. For tech events the Navigate calendar is pretty spot on. For news about local startups word of mouth tends to be pretty solid, but Entrevestor is a great resource covering this whole region.

Information like this is stored at various gatekeepers for their respective industries. Once you find the gatekeeper you open up access to the bulk of the stuff.

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