Global Entrepreneurship Week at UIT is quite the time. All sorts of exciting activities for the UIT cohort this week. I attended two events during school hours, and one in the evening. Each event was a great experience, and in hindsight, I wish I had gone to more.

The week started with a visit in the lounge from Jeff and Phyl Amerine during class hours. They started by watching a couple brave volunteers who pitched their projects to them, which they seemed to like. Then we all went to Flavour 19 for the afternoon and had a workshop about being coachable with Jeff and Permjot.

I had planned on attending the UIT monthly mixer on Tuesday, but work said no.

On Wednesday we had another event during class, but this time it was in Navigate. Darren Gallop and Jeff put on a workshop about creating good company culture. Permjot also made an appearance and somewhat blew our minds with how a Sigmoid curve can relate to the success of a company.

global entrepreneurship week sigmoid curve ride thingy

click the image for a longer blog about this theory!

He went on to explain that there are measurable peaks and declines in the success of your business, and to be aware of when you’re possibly nearing a peak. When you realize this, you should begin thinking of ways to branch off or better your business. (i hope i remembered that right)

The last event I went to was the panel with Jeff, Darren, Joella Foulds, co-founder of Celtic Colours International Festival, and Chad Munro, founder and CEO of Halifax Biomedical. This event took place at seven in the lounge, and about 20-30 people showed up (five UIT nerds). The panel talked about their businesses and how they came to be.

I didn’t go to the other three or so events, and as of writing this I don’t have the schedule anymore. However, the ones I did end up going to were certainly excellent learning and networking opportunities. The mentors are definitely one of the biggest things that sets UIT apart from any other tech program I’ve seen.

I vote Global Entrepreneurship Week should be monthly.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Learning about the S curve was actually the highly of my week. Since then I’ve probably drawn that diagram out and explained it to a half dozen people during various conversations. It’s even got me trying to anticipate where I am on the various S curves that represent my life in order to figure out if I should look at implementing side projects. It’s definitely impacted how we’re looking at things at UIT as we try to figure out where we are right now.

If you were to map out UIT right now as an S curve, where do you think you’d be? If we’re nearing a peak do you have any suggestions for new projects or elements that might help continue an upward trend?

I think UIT is doing pretty good right now. Everyone seems to agree that the curriculum is set up well and students are doing well too. As for new things, I really like the idea of having the UIT podcast/radio show/thing where Eric talks, that should be really cool. Also the weekly coding exercises are going to be really helpful, so I’m glad we have those to go by next semester.

I also think that UIT should focus on getting more people aware of the program for next year. Whenever someone asks me what I’m doing now that I’m done high school and when I answer “UIT”, nobody knows what that is. So personally, I would imagine that’s the next step (which I think you guys are working on).

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