PvP Gamers Dungeon is a gaming centre in Sydney where anyone can come in and pay by the hour to play the newest video games on whatever console or computer they want in the lounge. It’s a gamer’s dream social hangout place, and I work there. So I decided to write a blog about how I got there and what I learned during my on-going experience there.

To start, when I just entered grade 12 I picked a co-op course which provided 25 hours of classroom work that taught workplace safety, job interview tips, and resume building. The other half of the course was 100 hours of unpaid co-op placement at any workplace of my choice. Basically, I thought of it as free experience and a head start when entering the working world. For about 2 months I was wondering about what to choose for my placement. I knew I didn’t really care what I did as long as I wasn’t doing anything extreme (Anything involving heavy lifting). I got a call from my co-op teacher who found out that a place called PvP Gamers Dungeon was making it’s grand opening that week. The second I heard “video games” I said yes. After that I met with the owner, Todd Chant, and the manager, Jonathon Wells, where we scheduled my work placement and signed a few forms. This is the time where I discovered that since I was labeled as an “employee”, I was given free gaming hours to play the newest games on high end PC’s at PvP for FREE!

Skip ahead a few days pvpand I’m working my first shift at PvP Gamers Dungeon. I was just as excited as I was nervous. The fact that I’d be working at a place involving video games is a dream come true, but also that for the first time I’d be working as cashier type worker and handling money, which was stressful for me. I was working along side the manager as he taught me: how to use the software handling the sales and computer logins, how to help out the customers in common problems, to always make sure the snacks and drinks are stocked, and to clean the controllers after every use. I started working there quite regularly every weekend. In the mornings of Saturday and Sunday, PvP hosts birthday parties where you can purchase 2 hours of gaming time where the entire place is closed for the public. The party allows children to play games freely without making an account and also roam around to console to console trying any game they want. Since I worked weekends, I would always help out during the parties.

After a month or 2 of working there I thought it was pretty much the best job I could be doing that’s not only close to home, but I’m very comfortable with and has wonderful perks. The job at PvP made me comfortable handling customer’s money, made me more comfortable with talking to customers, and helped me realize that when either the place is absolutely packed because of tournament, or just loud and crazy when 20 kids are having the time of their lives hitting each other in Minecraft, I am pretty good at handling stressful workplace situations. Eventually, when I was working my last few unpaid co-op shifts they told me they decided to hire me as a part-time employee. That made me, well you can imagine, really happy. Now while pvpgdsmallI only work the occasional birthday party, it’s still a pay check for a student every week.

I can’t express how grateful, lucky, and happy I am to have a job at PvP Gamers Dungeon. And since I still don’t know how to close my blog, I’ll just say if you haven’t been there before, you should go. Even if you aren’t a gamer, bring a friend and pick anything that looks interesting and it’ll be fun!

2 thoughts on “Getting a job at PvP Gamers Dungeon.”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Oh man! First jobs. Exciting! Looking back at my various careers and jobs I’ve always felt that the best jobs I’ve had have stuck with me in great ways. Remember all of this stuff and bring it with you through your life. Down the road: Be the kind of boss you want to have, provide the kind of service you want to receive. Be the kind of employee you’d like to see in your coworkers. I have no doubt that the level of enthusiasm you’ve displayed here while talking about your job translates to them considering you a very keen employee.

Rob Myers Rob Myers says:

PvP is a pretty cool place, and way better than my first job: flipping burgers at Wendy’s! Eric makes some great points: learn why you like the job so much, and bring that with you wherever you go.

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