One of the main selling points of UIT which has been told and retold was the mentor visits. At first for me it seemed like a minor addition to an already interesting program, but after having our first mentor visits I am convinced.

First we had a visit from Gavin, who is a pretty big deal considering without him I wouldn’t be here writing this blog post. He was incredibly approachable and seemed to enjoy the visit which definitely made the whole experience better. Not that I wasn’t nervous pitching to him.  The weekend before had been a LARP event and I messed up my normal shoes so I decided to wear my dress shoes. Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead for not having my normal shoes and wore white socks.

So although I felt my pitch went well and I wasn’t too concerned. I spent the entire presentation freaking out about my terrible combination of shoes and socks.

Secondly, my program started having a bug that wasn’t there the last time I presented and I still haven’t been able to figure out. So while freaking out about my socks, my program also started to not work.

Although overall I enjoyed Gavin’s visit and the presentation, I’m still a little embarrassed about it. Even if no one else seemed to notice my mistakes.

Next, Gab’s visit:

Gab’s visit was awesome. She was also very approachable and taught a very fun class. Although I’m still pretty terrible with design; her lesson and sketch have given be a lot of confidence. It was a fun day and I definitely appreciate the design aspects that I can now explore with Sketch. The ability to play around and plan ahead effectively is an amazing tool.

Overall I was very happy with the mentor visits. Knowing that people like that are available as resources makes me very confident in my ability to learn and benefit from UIT.

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Love the anecdote about your socks. I picked up on something but assumed it was nerves, it’s hilarious that it was footwear anxiety. Don’t worry: you did great.

I definitely didn’t notice the socks / shoes 🙂 Your presentation went well from my perspective!

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