Welcome Class of 2017!

We were thrilled to launch the third cohort of Startuimg_5029p Immersion on Monday, September 12th with 10 incredible candidates! This is going to be a great year! Our first day was filled to the brim with introductions, information and industry updates!

Our day began with our Executive Director, Mike Targett addressing the group and encouraging everyone to relax and enjoy. We asked everyone to introduce themselves and admit to one embarrassing story to help break the ice… don’t worry, we’re not going to share those stories!  Everyone was a good sport and offered up a funny anecdote about their lives to help us get to know them.

A great features of our program is that all of our students get to use a MacBook Air for the length of the program. We handed out laptops and got everyone acquainted with how their new laptops work and our Student Success Coaches, Eric and Rob, walked everyone through introductions to some industry software. Plus we watched a super video about what’s hot and what’s not in the tech industry… all this before lunch!

Enter lunch: alllll the pizza. Nuff said.

The new students spent the afternoon walking through the features of Slack – a must for any tech company – and we got to talking about internet bots, which turned into a conversation about the Turing Test! Ha!

Day one was awesome. The first of many awesome days!

Good luck to the class of 2017!

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