We had a great first week at UIT and the students couldn’t agree more! We asked them to write a blog about the first few days at UIT and we were impressed with the level of honesty and insight the students had about their experiences thus far.

technology-blogsThere were some common themes of course: nervousness, wondering what to expect, wondering if they had made the right decision. But everyone had a unique perspective of what nervousness looked like, what kinds of things they expected and why their decisions were so important to them.writing-on-the-macbook

Ben MacNeil wrote about his decision to move back to Cape Breton after attending the Computer Science program at Dalhousie. He offered some great insight into how he actually came to his decision to return to his roots and foster a career path here. Riley Boudreau contemplated his decision to attend UIT over another institution and he is excited by his decision so far.

Andrew MacDonald used his blogging time to reflect on how in just the first week he has already learned enough to go back and rethink some of his previous projects and he has opened his eyes to see things from a different perspective. David Hachey made a big move to come to Cape Breton and study at UIT and we admire his ambition to go after what he wants. He talks about the struggle to find his place in tech and how it all seems surreal.projectwrite

Bobby Gregan moved from the other side of Nova Scotia to attend UIT and we’re thrilled he has come all this way. He writes about the way the staff and environment helped me settle into classes and we’re so glad he feels comfortable so he can start working toward his goals. Spencer Gouthro has been on our radar for some time. He’s been chatting with staff about this program for the last two years — we had to wait for him to graduate high school so he could attend! He’s so excited to be here. He writes about his experiences leading up to his first week at UIT and what he hopes to accomplish!

James Roberts shares an interesting story about his experiences in technology and opens up about being a seasoned worker in an up and coming industry. He shares insight about the importance of building an open and welcoming environment for all, at work and at school.

Johnathon Currie hits the ground running with a blog about the problem with game tutorials. Gaming is close to his heart and he sees opportunity in how to make gaming sites more accessible to new users. Freddie Willett writes about his goals of continuing his french language learning while he transitions into the next phase of his life from high school and comments on his excitement about what is to come for him and what he wants to work on personally and professionally. And last but not least, Hossam ElGebeily writes about making the move from the Middle East to Cape Breton and realizing this program is much more than he ever imagined! He’s excited by the prospects of his new home and what he’ll learn at UIT.


Stay tuned for more student blogs next week!

2 thoughts on “First Batch O’ Blogs”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

I enjoyed reading student blogs way more than I expected to… and I was expecting to enjoy them. It’s really cool seeing everyones perspective on things and can’t wait to see how things develop over the next 10 months.

Jacquie says:

Interesting reads! I’m assuming the second batch will be the ladies? 🙂

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