Portrait of Jeff Amerine with Start-Up junkie for AY Magazine's powerful men. Photo by Beth Hall

Portrait of Jeff Amerine with Start-Up junkie for AY Magazine’s powerful men.
Photo by Beth Hall

Well another week has come and gone. It seems each week is surpassed by its latter. I know that I continually praise that “this week” has been the best, and again I can’t argue that entrepreneur week is right up there with being one of the best.

When you have a whole week geared up for two people you kinda wonder what you’ll except for content in that week. Will there be enough substance seeing the same people. In my case 4 times, in the run of the week. I can honestly say it was a great week that honestly did leave you asking more.

The week started out at the lounge with some classmates giving presentations, and Jeff and his wife were very down to earth. After class we proceeded to the golf course, and that was my favourite time hearing Jeff speak. From there you really got a sense that he was just an average Joe American with a good sense of humour and a lay back demeanour. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the , the meeting in navigate, when Permjot did his own bit on WW2 allied airplane statistic digram. Or the one on three was great as well.

So much content!

Hearing all 3 entrepreneurs was great, especially when hearing about completely different fields. Like Chad’s who is on the other end of the spectrum of what we are used to. Or the Celtic Colours story and how it has become something internationally known, and the struggles of getting it off the grown. And even Jeff’s story of how things are in Arkansa, which in some ways to do have the same growing pains we have here in Nova Scotia.

All in all another great week here at U.I.T, (I know I say that ALOT). But when you go to a school, that you tell your friends back home, that while it is a challenging course, it’s still the most fun course, I’ve ever been apart of.


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