Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship

We’re excited to begin offering a Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship.* UIT is measured against industry standards with the help of industry experts, both locally and internationally. This credential further makes UIT a gold standard for experiential education in tech-entrepreneurship.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The Diploma is 45 credits (three consecutive semesters over 10 months). For students wishing to further pursue a Degree afterward, this is equivalent to one and a half years of the four-year Bachelor of Business Administration.**

Community College transfer

Thanks to CBU‘s articulation agreement with NSCC, community college students can transfer credits toward a university degree** and earn a diploma in the process.

Land a job

For UIT students looking to work in the tech industry, the diploma may make you eligible for various graduate retention programs, making you an even more competitive candidate in the eyes of employers.

Hire a UIT grad

And for UIT students launching their own startups – or any employer for that matter – this makes it easier to hire a UIT grad!

*Pending approval from MPHEC.

**Students should consult with an academic advisor to ensure CBU-UIT credits fit into their overall learning plan for graduation.