These are the publicly available elements of the 2016-17 UIT curriculum. You can click on individual months and weeks to see those periods in greater detail.
Students will begin their year by learning web development basics, as well as how to become power-users in their development environments. Students will submit weekly blogs to keep a log of their experiences at UIT.
  • Week 1: September 12th – 16th
    HTML and CSS are the cornerstones of any path towards learning web development. Throughout this week our students will be doing team building exercises and learning about how to optimize their work flow by becoming Mac power users, as well as how to properly configure their IDE (Be it Sublime, Atom, WebStorm, etc.)
  • Week 2: September 19th to 23rd
    Following up the basics of HTML and CSS taught during the first week students will now learn about how to add design elements to their ongoing project. The week culminates with a presentation of their personal portfolio site.
  • Week 3: September 26th to 30th
    Things are moving along at a brisk pace now as students work towards creating their first app, a chat application.

  • Week 4: October 3rd to 7th
    The chat app project will be the focus of this week. This represents the first major programming project undertaken by the students and will test everything they've learned up until now.
  • Week 5: October 10th to 14th
    The final week to work on the chat app will doubtlessly prove to be hectic, challenging and fun for the students.
  • Week 6: October 17th to 21st
    This week is dedicated to polishing the chat app and making it as complete as possible.
  • Week 7 – October 24th to 28th
    Culture week! We'll be focusing on team building and helping to embed this years cohort into the UIT culture.

The last month of the first semester at UIT. Students will be finishing up and pitching their service apps as well as learning the basics of react.