Over the past week we’ve had the opportunity to meet a couple of really cool industry professionals! One being the founder of UIT! The first time I saw Gavin Uhma speak was at the Big Data for Productivity conference in 2015 at the Halifax Trade and Convention Centre. He told the story of him and his startup and what it took to get where he is today. I found his story very interesting and only wished at the time I could learn from someone like him. Then before starting at UIT I learned that he was the founder of the school and my mind was blown! Being able to speak with him and get feedback on my work was absolutely incredible. Hearing from the perspective of a successful founder was very interesting and quite informative. Even though my app wasn’t anything I really wanted to pursue… Hearing him say that it is an interesting idea made me think maybe it is a viable option for a side project. Gavin was a very friendly and fun person to talk to, he was an incredibly down to earth guy and I look forward to speaking to him again.

The second mentor we met during the week was Gab, she taught us about graphic design and was very fun and friendly. Something that was very interesting and good to know from her mentoring was that the “look” or “beauty” of the design doesn’t matter as much as the functionality and user friendliness. This I feel was something that would normally fly over my head but is a very smart point that I will certainly keep in mind for all future app designs! Learning from mentor was very cool because she had plenty of her own work for examples that she’s done for clients in the past. I look forward to speaking with the mentors to Come as we continue the awesome adventure that is UIT!

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Design is one of those things that makes so much more sense when you start thinking of as an added layer of functionality, that was a great lesson to learn. Programmers often have designers helping them or doing complete mockups for them, but once you delve far enough into the lifespan a web app it’ll likely eventually fall on you to add new elements using existing visual concepts. That’s when thinking about design from the perspective of meaningful, and intuitive, functionality will be so important.

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