cmdlineiconFor this week’s blog post we were assigned to go through a command line tutorial and write about our experiences going through it. I have chosen to use CodeAcademy’s course because I prefer their layout, I have already done their HTML & CSS tutorial and I am also currently going through the jQuery tutorial there. CodeAcademy doesn’t have much videos so you don’t need earphones as the tutorials are usually written. I also like CodeAcademy because it provides useful hints without actually giving the full answer, which I admit can rarely become a pain when you’re really stuck.

This lesson starts out simply explaining that the command line is a text interface for the computer’s operating system. It also shows an example diagram of computer files and directories. It then got more into the technical stuff and commands. The beginning was very easy to follow and understand. Each page was dedicated to certain commands like: ls (show list of files and directories), cd (change directory), pwd (print working directory), and many more commands. Later in the tutorial they showed how to copy and remove files using the command line. The last part of the tutorial talked about “nano”, which is a command line text editor that works like normal text related programs like “Notepad” or “TextEdit”. There was very few problems I had with the tutorial as I got through it mostly myself without “googling”.

My previous experiences using the command line are mostly limited. I only use it regularly for creating a local host page using Python and uploading to GitHub, which I still sometimes have trouble doing but no doubt I’ll master it eventually. When choosing between using the command line or using a Graphical User Interface (GUI), as of right now I definitely prefer a GUI, but throughout the UIT year there is no doubt we’ll be using the command line enough to get very comfortable with. I like GUI’s because it is visually more pleasing and easier to start on. I find it very difficult to remember most commands on the command line because of my little experience with them. However, whenever I watch an experienced user use the command line it definitely looks faster and more advanced than anyone using a GUI.

As of the start of October, I’m only just learning some GitHub related commands in the command line and still copying and pasting heavily used commands. It will be very interesting to see how that will change over the course of the year as I will probably use the command line in every project this year.

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