Get your attention? If so awesome. No, there is no story about Charlie Brown here. (sorry) I used that title to stand out. For I want to be the green in a room full of white. Let me try to explain:

You just received a ‘Build your own mini roller-coaster’. The instructions are clear and it’s an easy set up! But now you now have the same mini roller-coaster everyone else has ever bought and built. I mean there is nothing wrong with that. Lets just say Apple® and Samsung® would not have the success they have today if they just followed the same instructions. They went outside the build and added personal touches. Of which made them stand out of all the basic builds out there. These things made them original.

You may’ve noticed that there are many half-clones out there. By this I mean; ever bought something or seen something just to find an exact copy made by a different company? Businesses will do things like take a plastic phone case design and make it with more durable material. Of which consumers will buy. It will not always work! Think of something like Playstation. You may be able to create something super unique but it might now not be compatible with everyone else and cause major problems of which its best to just have an original copy. I would suggest that you only do something like so if you absolutely know you can do it better.

Keep in mind that trying to stand out can be hard in certain situations and might even change your whole mindset on the idea. You will attempt one thing for it either not to work or not liked by yourself or others. Perhaps you make something unique that everyone would love but it never became the thing. Always keep in mind what you are making and if it will even be used by the time you’re done. All of this turning you away from making that amazing Idea you have? Don’t be scared. By going through this you will learn what not to use/do and have a better goal for next time. Use all of this to your advantage.

So please let your imagination flow free with creativeness! We would not have everything in the world today if we all just stuck to the same ol’ same ol’. With this I tell you! Be yourself! Be original.

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