Another interesting week here at UIT, we jumped into some java script , had a great speaker in regarding funding, and started our chat apps. Javascript and jQuery have been the main focus this week. It truly is learning another language. Once it starts kicking in that you know or have an idea, the dots really connect and you actually start grasping it. It just makes you want to learn more. I can feel my nerd awesome level rise as the course progresses. And while I’m not fully fluent at the moment I feel that it’s a goal that can be reached in time.

Learning Firebase has been pretty cool. It actually helps knowing that there is all these cheatsheets on front end coding. That there is a guide, that everyone does use the same rules regulations and best practices. Plus that most people use other peoples code, and just build around it makes it a lot less daunting. I thought that most people just wrote 6795 pieces of code. Nope… everyone rips off everyone like it was Napster. Which makes sense and makes my life a lot easier.

The course this week has been full of information and has really helped point me in the right direction business and project wise regarding our chat apps.

The speaker and the biscuits up at navigate were great! He went over some really in depth info regarding funding and his own take on best ways of attaining. It is certainly good to know that there is institutions like that in place to help.

I’ve been reviewing all week, and really look forward to hitting the ground running next week. When we get into our chat apps, and play around with the jQuery. I’m sure that I will have a lot of questions for Eric and Rob this week coming!

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