Starting off the class day one I knew we where going to be building a chat app and I was excited. My mind already working on what I want it to be and it to look like, the time finally came! We started our apps. The fist day we had some live code going on to help us with the build of our project. It was at first helpful but the way I work I had to go experiment with the first bit of new knowledge I had gotten and that brought me behind. Not to mention the fact I don’t have internet at home so I am switching between thirty different tabs of helpful webpages I had saved during school.

This all started to make me go slightly crazy. Thats mostly my fault for going crazy with how the app looked instead of worked. I tried putting so many extras into my project before I even had the basis. The next live code classes we had were now beyond my knowledge base and I had no idea what was going on. I deiced to start from scratch about seven times, all from one simple error that was messing everything up. No exaggeration on the seven restarts. Being the anxiety in me I didn’t really ask for help at the time. Which I did in the end but at the time I should have. The fact that we had a massive storm helped give me more time to work on my chat app. But even so some of that time was spent helping some family in dire need.

Another week rolls in and the time is counting down. I’ve been broken down by code… I finally ask for help after trying as much as I could on my own. I get some things done and learn some new tricks. Presentation day comes along and I feel more comfortable talking amongst the class. I felt as if I got the presenting thing down a little more. Work can be done as I was told. But none the less Im glad its over with. I thought it was going to be easy at first and I realized it could of been but I made it allot harder. But I now have the knowledge to repeat everything I have done in the few weeks we had to do this to do this in a day. I feel more confident going on with future projects and I leave you with some tips to help you as well.

  • Don’t get crazy with style until you have everything else you need done.
  • Plan it out on paper first. Yes this actually really helped me!
  • Don’t set your sights too high. Don’t try to create something beyond your current capabilities.
  • Ask for help!!!


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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Super valuable lessons. And they don’t just apply to school. Keeping these in mind will help you throughout a career in tech.

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