After our introductory weeks of coding and then the all-encompassing experience of getting our chat app out the door I was left a little impatient to start making some serious progress on my startup idea. I was happy and working hard and learning lots, most of it relevant, but had hoped to be making some parallel practical progress on my business idea. I needn’t have worried. Immediately after completing our chat app presentations the opportunities to make significant progress have been coming fast and furious. This is such a great program!

UIT’s founder and namesake, Gavin Uhma, kicked off our week last week with a visit and to hear our chat app pitches. It was an amazing opportunity to start to build a relationship with a key mentor and such an accomplished entrepreneur. I’ll look forward to hearing more from Gavin as we continue.

Wednesday we had Dr. Kevin McKague from the CBU community economic development MBA program. He walked us through some business modelling using the business model canvas. This was a great class and I’m even more excited to try to continue a relationship with him as he is doing studies in social enterprise around the world and has a background in agriculture. As my startup idea ties in closely with agricultural product marketing and hopes to facilitate global community economic development (and I’d like to understand more about what it means to run it as a social enterprise), you can understand my excitement at making this connection.

Our last mentor visit of our busy mentor week was Gab White, a designer from Halifax. She was fantastic and her presentation was relevant beyond my expectations. I’m more of a business, stats and numbers guy than a design/aesthetic type but I learned that day that design is not at all synonymous with aesthetics and it was a very thought-provoking presentation. Having Gab’s talents as a part of our mentor team is another one of a diversity of reasons UIT rocks.

As you can see things are progressing nicely at UIT. This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week and there is a full slate of networking and learning opportunities. I’m excited to participate this weekend at the NS Rise Up! Seminar Series at Acadia where I’ll be competing in a business model competition and also have a chance to learn and practice idea validation. And we started our next big project and started learning Angular.js, a javascript framework. So much progress on all fronts.. One of the main challenges is keeping track of everything and finding the brain cycles to explore all the exciting avenues that are opening up!

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Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Boy howdy, keep hold of that enthusiasm! We’re gonna be going all-out until the holiday break. It’s going to be fun, challenging and hopefully tremendously motivational. We’re excited to see how things go with your startup idea now that you’re actively working towards it.

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