In a world gone tech, online schools are continuing to pop up and everyone now has an opportunity to teach you what they know. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home and can fit online learning into your probably already-crazy-busy-schedule… so why does UIT Startup Immersion insist on running a brick and mortar tech school?

While everyone else is taking their learning to the web, we’re rocking an in-person classroom experience where our students can get faster-than-the-internet instant support and mentoring with some badass developers and business personalities who are running real tech companies. Not only do our students get to learn code and business skills, they get to learn them from people who are dealing with current business and coding changes, problems and opportunities in real time.

What’s more, UIT Startup Immersion is a startup. Our product is our students. Our students can tailor the curriculum to their business ideas or career aspirations: no two products are ever the same. Sure, you can launch a business in your basement, and a good percentage of the internet is dedicated to teaching others how to make money on the internet. At UIT, students learn how to learn. You don’t just ingest a bunch of information; you engage with it, and in turn help create the content for another generation of tech gurus who will learn about your efforts and accomplishments in the coming years.

Yup, lots of online schools talk about how their content is engaging, but what those institutions are not offering is the opportunity to live and work in a startup ecosystem, where actual problems are being solved by UIT students and our rapidly expanding tech sector. You can go it alone, or you can get in on the action and learn everything you need to launch your own startup or land a job in the tech sector.

Our location and actual classroom environment makes us unique in a world racing to the internet to learn. We aren’t going to do the work for you: no ma’am. It’s going to be intense, but we can show you how to accomplish what you want and teach you the skills you need to get to where you want to be.

Ahhhh there it is… the promise every school in every community –  whether online or in real life –  makes: you will learn new skills. You definitely want to learn skills in school, but you don’t want to waste your time learning task-oriented skills. You want to be learning skills like problem identification, brainstorming, product based solutions, roll out, analysis, launching and follow up — all resting on the back of an epic coding education. A well-rounded, in person, tech ecosystem education: that’s UIT.

You’ll always learn more by listening to a incredible story of ups and downs, wins and losses, and challenges and solutions than you will reading case studies in a textbook. Check out what experiential learning is all about at UIT!

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