If any of the people teaching us have any doubt about the program (which I doubt they do) let me reassure you. In just about the first week of classes we have covered almost a whole semesters worth of HTML and CSS lessons. I never got to be in the web design classes when I was at Dal, but I did sit in on them now (also I knew quite a few people who were in them) and the end of semester project was a plain html website with a few pictures, a few different pages and a handful of CSS. The scripting classes got pretty fancy with neat colour changes and things, but none of the classes in first year involved bootstrap or reactive design which we got into pretty fast.

The templates we use still give you the room to learn, but you end up with a site that looks much better then you started from scratch. Also knowing how the templates work is helping me work on other random websites that I’m messing around with in my free time. Also because some of the templates use JavaScript, event though we aren’t learning it, I’m getting chances to see how it works and mess with values.

The small forays into the scripting are also making me excited, I can’t wait to start learning how to add all sorts of neat things to websites. A bunch of the guys I used to go to school with had all sorts of neat apps build on their websites and I’d like to be able to build things that I previously didn’t have the ability to make. (One of the guys had a website that simulated generations of plant growth including different genetic traits etc, I’ve built cool things too, but the website and scripting things made it a lot nicer).

So without even learning how to do the scripting I’m getting all sorts of excited ideas for things I want to build. I want to make a website with my Calligraphy stuff (just for fun).

Also I have an old app I built for playing Civ 5, that I would love to make on a website. It was used to pick random Civilizations for each player. The reason we built it originally was because a lot of us played at a close to professional level and in Civ 5 there are some really overpowered civilizations (like Babylon and Poland) and there are really terrible civilizations (like Denmark). So we wanted to pick random, but if we let the game pick them for us it could give the really over-powered and under-powered civilizations. Also the game is more interesting if there are no duplicates nations. So I wrote a thing that took names and a ban list and made sure everyone got random nations to play as. I think that that small app would make a good website with a checklist and things for the ban list and number of players, etc.

Overall the first full week of classes was exciting, I learned a lot, and I can’t wait for more.




2 thoughts on “A week in websites”

Eric Lortie Eric Lortie says:

Translating little projects like that from native apps to web apps is a great way to hone your skills, and absolutely something we’ll both encourage and help you with. It’s not unlike what we just did with building a website by modifying an existing template: You already know what it needs to do so you just have to build it out.

Tinkering and constantly thinking about new apps becomes second nature eventually because it’s just plain fun. And like with your CivV idea it just plain makes stuff easier.

Rob Myers Rob Myers says:

Glad to hear that you like the pace of everything Ben, and the fun is just beginning! Can’t wait to see what you build!

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