So you wanna know what life looks like on the inside at UIT Startup Immersion? We don’t blame you! A lot goes on behind the doors of our entrepreneurial tech school: if you blink, you might miss it. We’re laying out what a typical week looks like so you can get a feel for how we roll, and maybe you’ll see yourself hangin’ out at UIT, brainstorming ideas, or putting the finishing touches on a project. Ready? Here we gooooooo!

Working the Plan

Working the Plan

Monday makes people crazy. It really gets a bad rap. But at UIT, Monday is our day to catch up on the weekend with a morning “stand up” and see what everyone did on the weekend, find out the goals for the week, and layout a plan for the days ahead. We also do a run down of the previous week: analysis is important for improvement! Rob and Eric, our student success coaches, take students through a guided coding session or introduce them to new development software. And then it’s lunch time baby! You gotta fuel your tank so you can be prepared for those late night coding sessions to come later in the week…

Roll on Tuesday: this is your time to work on projects, catch up on sleep, go to your job, finish the honey-do list…whatever your heart desires. And if you need some help, or just want a quiet place to work, come on in to the UIT classroom where you’ll find R & E (that’s Rob and Eric) hangin’ out working on their businesses, building lesson plans for the week or tutoring one of your fellow classmates.

Got an idea? Make it happen at UIT.

Got an idea? Make it happen at UIT.

Hello Wednesday and welcome to your business management class! Want to know more about entrepreneurship, current business practices, lean canvas, and meet a mentor or two? That’s what happens around UIT on a Wednesday morning. Spending the morning with Matt and Wendy, our business success coaches, you’ll review case studies, analyze existing startup companies, create solutions for problems in your own community and get an assignment for Friday’s class. Get ready to pitch an idea or present a case study! And that’s lunch: seriously, food is so delicious! Wednesday afternoon is spent going over live code with Rob and Eric, where you can get real time feedback about your code.

It’s Thursday already! Holy crow the week goes fast around UIT…Thursday is a replay of Tuesday: your day, your time, your projects. Whatever you need or want to work on, or get caught up on. That’s what Thursday is earmarked for. And remember, Eric, Rob, Matt and Wendy are still at UIT if you need anything – do they ever leave, I wonder?

Happy Friday!!! Let’s get ready to rumble… or pitch! Business management class fills up Friday morning and you’ll be having a time watching your classmates present ideas, provide feedback on case studies, demo an idea or a product they’ve delivered, and you’ll get to do those things too! Lunch comes fast and it’s a great time to relax and chat about the week… group lunches are fun and keep everyone in the game heading into the weekend! Friday afternoon brings more live coding practice and time to work on projects and then we tap out for the weekend…

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Guess who took home a sweet award for being a company that actively promotes the importance of women in tech? We did!!

Diversity Champion 2016

Diversity Champion 2016

While one should not toot one’s own horn… we are pretty proud of the fact that we champion equality in the workplace, the classroom, and in our mentor network. That’s because we recognize the vital role women play in growing the technology sector here in Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, in Canada, and beyond.

We’re super stoked about being recognized on a professional level for being an organization that is helping to close the gender gap in the tech sector, and we are working hard to get the word out about opportunities for anyone – especially women – interested in breaking into technology and entrepreneurship.

In early June, Digital Nova Scotia presented us with the 2016 Digital Diversity Award in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The award celebrates the efforts of a company that focuses on the need for greater gender diversity in a male-dominated sector. It was an honour to accept the award and it will help us promote our gender equality efforts even more in the coming weeks and months as we ramp up for September 2016 – the third cohort of UIT’s Startup Immersion program.

Since its inception in 2014, our startup program has recognized the need to provide digital and tech opportunities to women, and along with the support of CBU Chancellor Annette Verschuren, we introduced the Women in Technology Bursary which enabled us to break down some of the financial barriers for women entering the field. We offered the bursary again in 2015, and we are pretty pumped to be able to promote a Women in Technology Bursary again for the 2016 academic year.

Want to be a rock star in the tech sector? Come talk to us – we give students a chance to learn some pretty amazing skills and become part of a growing industry in Cape Breton. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with champions?

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