So I have just been through the first week of the UIT program. I’ve recently moved to Canada from the Middle East, and I must say, it has been a BIG change. A ‘colder’ change, might I add!! But so far so good! When I first signed up for the UIT program, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I knew I was signing up for a 10 month coding program, but I don’t think I realized the meaning of starting a startup. Having only been through the first week, I now realise I signed up for something much better, and way bigger, than what I initially thought.

I am now able to understand, more or less, how web pages basically work. It is all very interesting. Relatively simple, yet very powerful. I understand the basics of HTML. Our first coding task, was to build a simple webpage that included headers, a body of content, and an image. The possibilities are endless though. I am getting the hang of different command lines, and how they translate into a simple webpage.

On the business side of starting a startup, I have learnt a few things too. We went through basic concepts and practices that apply to any new startup. A lot of the content has been very enlightening. The business side of the program, was the part I suppose I did not anticipate. I didn’t really think there was so much more to starting a startup than just the ‘idea’ and the ‘coding’.

I am looking forward to a great year ahead. I am very optimistic. There is certainly so much to learn. I intend to share more thoughts on actual work being done in my next blogs!

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