Fake ads…

Don’t be fooled by anything along the lines “You win a free ___” or “You are the 10,000th viewer! Click to claim your prize” These types of scams or viruses, are some of the most annoying, deceiving, and worst very deadly. For when you click that ‘accept’ button; dig a small hole and toss your computer in there and say your final words. There is no going back from this without some serious knowledge on this subject or a lot of cash. You just opened a door straight to your computer to allow others to get in and take any personal information or simply set your computer ablaze with malware and trojans.

There are very little real winning visitors or offers so try to avoid them.

The closest thing I can think of virtually would actually be playing video games and getting a daily reward based on how many times you logged in and on your 1000th login you win a prize. Besides something along the lines of that. You have most likely run into a virus. Don’t worry though, this might not be the end! You may be able to save your computer manually if it has not done so itself. Yes, you read that correct. Your computer can save itself. If you have ever seen a little pop up in the corner of your screen saying a virus has been detected. It’s not saying that you have a virus. Actually in most cases now it’s just letting you know that one popped up and it got rid of it before it could do anything. Just try to keep in mind what you are doing or what website you have been on if this happens.


There are allot of fake ads.

From telling you that said product can instantly grow your hair back right to the people who want to date that are in your hometown! People will try to use anything to get you to simply click on their ad. Now don’t be all cautious going around thinking that next big deal on shoes is a scam or virus just because it is an ad. Not ever ad is a fake or virus. But please be wary of what you click on.  Especially because the name of this blog is basically that of a virus’s. Be careful! I could have trashed your computer if this was a virus. Browse safe!

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